August 18, 2012

Kiko - 360 Strawberry Pink + Kitty Update #7

Hello everyoooone! Sorry it's been a while since I posted, I had a really fun week and wasn't home a lot to paint my nails and post. Anyways, today I have a very pretty polish I bought in Italy to show you: Kiko - Strawberry Pink. I used 3 coats, no topcoat.
daylight, no flash. 

sun from the side, no flash. 

double-kittypic, woaaaah!

Though I am not the biggest fan of pink polishes, I really like this colour. It's cute and really summery! Application was good, drying time mweh. I think a lot of girls would like this polish because it's a pink..but it's not particularly a bright, neon pink. I think I'll be applying this to my toenails's really pretty!

So, on to the kitty's been a while huh? They have grown...too much. They are becoming real cats! The relationship between the kitties and Luna is getting better and better everyday: in the beginning Luna would growl at them and slap them in the face, and now she casually sniffs them and only slaps them when they are annoying, haha! On to the pictures..


Mila nuzzling my hand, nawww!

When I'm on my computer, the kitties like to lie down behind the screen and sleep or watch me type. It's adorable..

The two of them behind my computerscreen, isn't it cute? 

x Elize


  1. You have such adorable kitties! Also the polish is lovely, such a gorgeous shade x

  2. Lief kleurtje en oh wat zijn de katjes toch schattig!

  3. This pink polish is sooooo gorgeous, dear! But look at these cats! I'm smitten with them and I have 7!
    Rock Ur Nails!

  4. Wow that's a great colour, no top coat and it is so shiny and smooth. Also, gosh are your cats adorable or what?


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