August 5, 2012

I'm back from Italy! (Warning: loads of pictures)

Hello everyoneeee! Friday night we got home from our summervacation to Italy, and I'm so happy we're home again :) I missed the kitties soooo much... They've grown a lot over the past 3 weeks, but ofcourse they're still little kittens and reaaaally cute. Here are some pictures:


So, on to my vacation pictures!
First we went to Milan...
Duomo Santa Maria Nascente!

this is a sign we saw in a little bakery where we had some delicious cupcakes. Cute, right?

Then we went to Piano Di Mommio, a little village near Viareggio. This was our campsite:
our two tents!

the swimming pool ♥ 

me and my cousins nails. I had Better Late Than Never by Essence on my nails and I painted her nails with Herôme - New Delhi!

Here are the pictures I made that week:
Torre Del Lago Puccini

pretty flowers!


the Tower of Pisa

Duomo Di San Martino in Lucca

me and my little sister in Lucca

this is the Giotto Bell Tower we climbed in Florence/Firenze, and this was the view:

purrretty huh? 

streetartists in Florence

my cousins, me and my sister dressed for dinner :)

The last week we went to Elba, an island near the coast of Italy. Elba is gorgeous! 
Capo Bianco, near Portoferraio

I don't know where this is on Elba..but it is pretty!

Marina Di Campo, where we stayed on a campsite that week. 

on a banana boat with other dutch people!

the group of friends we made that week :D

It was so great! Elba is soooo pretty, we snorkeled a lot and I had a lot of fun. Ofcourse we also shopped a lot in Italy...and I couldn't resist buying these 7 polishes:

Kiko 389 Mint Milk and 360 Strawberry Red
I'm not sure if the left one is Mint Milk, because the number is swept away or something...

this is a really cheap golden glitter polish I bought on a market in Pisa

Deborah - Fly High and Deborah - Good Luck Green

holographiiiiiiics! Shaka - Hologram Nude and Shaka - Hologram Sky

I am so happy I found those last polishes in a store called OVS/oviesse, they were only 2 euros :o
I bought one more polish, but that is still a surprise... Ofcourse I also bought some clothing, but I don't have any pictures of that to show you, sorry!
How was your summervacation? 

x Elize

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  1. uuuuuh uuum geeeeee i TUTS luve ur picsss!! u r suuuuuu purruteyyyyyy umg u luuk like aria i luuuuuve yu xuxu Ugene


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