July 24, 2012

Update from Italy!

Heyyy! I'm blogging this from my iPod right now from our campsite near Viareggio, Italy. I have no idea how this will look on my blog and if all the settings and fonts will be right..I just hope so! The weather here is great and the cities are amazing! I've done so much shopping already, the shopping here is just....wow. If you want to see some pictures, please follow me on instagram: my name is elizeeeee (with 5 e's yep!) I'm not going to post any pictures here because i know the settings will be wrong and it'll just look very stupid. I do have a little surprise for you all, but I'm not going to share it until I get home! We have another week and a half to go here, and though I really like it here, I miss the kitties soooo much..wish I could cuddle them!

x Elize


  1. Italy is amazing!) Have you bought some italian polishes?) There are shops that sell Layla holo and mirror effects, and they're soo great


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