March 6, 2012

Nailpolish tag

Hey sweeties! First of all I would like to share some reaaaally exciting news with all of you. Let me introduce you to....our new yet-to-be-named kittennnnnnn!
It's the cutie on the right, she's not in our home yet since she's still very young and needs time with her mommy. I'm really excited and I hope Luna will be ok with this little kitty added to our family. 

Can you think of a name for this little (female) kitty?

 Tomorrow I'll actually paint my nails and show you (probably thursday) but for now I'd like to share this with you! I got tagged by polishlover to do a nailpolish tag. She originally did it in dutch, but I translated the questions. So..let's go!

How many nailpolishes do you own?
Wait.. *runs upstairs* I own 149 polishes at the moment. That's not too bad, is it?

From all your polishes, wich brand do you have the most of?
That'll be either Essence or Catrice... *runs upstairs again* Essence it is! I own 33 Essence polishes.

What colours are most common to find in your stash?
Most definitely blue haha! I counted them, I have 51 blue nailpolishes, out of 149 total. 

 Are there any colours/finishes you don't own?
I believe I have pretty much everything.. Not everything in every colour though, but I guess I have it pretty much all.

Wich polish do you wear most often? Name colour and brand!
That's a tough one.. Erhm.. I tend to go for Catrice - Moulin Rouge Light when I have either a performance, something fancy or just whenever I feel like my nails deserve to look classy and sophisticated!

Do you have any nailpolishes that you're not sure of why you still have them?

Haha well I used to, I put all of those in a box but I still didn't throw them away. (These are not included in my total number of polishes by the way, I just don't want to get rid of them so yeah...

Do you use base and topcoat?
I always wear basecoat (usually Sally Hansen - Maximum Growth or Hard As Nails), but I don't actually always wear topcoat. If I do, it's my precious Catrice - Up To 10 Days.

What do you prefer: stamping or free-handed nailart?
Stamping! I suck at free-handed nailart. I only did one free-handed on my blog so far, a melted icecream design.

Do you prefer shimmers, glitters, or a crème finish?
I really like glitters, I just hate the removal part so I'm going to go for crème. 
Do you feel naked when you're not wearing any nailpolish?
Well, I used to have that all the time, but for some reason I don't really have that anymore.. I'm weird, I know.

I tag everyone who would like to do this tag!

x Elize


  1. omfg zo'n cutie dat katje ! Ik weet niet of je veel met mijn naamsuggesties zal zijn, maar ik heb mijn katten altijd muffins of nugget willen noemen, maar dat mocht niet van mijn ouders :)

  2. Oh, your new kitty looks so adorable!


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